Visiting Andrew Witkin’s ICA Exhibit with Lucky Dragons and Stephen Prina, Boston Phoenix, 2.10.09

Posted on February 19, 2009


I dropped by Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Arts for two weekends (one just prior to the opening of the Shepard Fairey exhibit, one just after. The different in museum attendance was… noticeable.) Witkin is one of four finalists for the ICA’s Foster Prize and was given a little nook on the gallery floor along with the other finalists to show off his work for a few months (through March 1 of this year). Four Sunday afternoons were scheduled as live music performances, turning Witkin’s gallery space — an approximation of his own workspace complete with personal notes, photos, ticket stubs and used bath towels — into a house show.

Link to the review at the Boston Phoenix here.

One of the many instruments deployed during the Lucky Dragons set.