The WHRB Record Hospital Fest in the Boston Phoenix, 4.15.09

Posted on April 17, 2009


I spent last Friday bopping around Harvard Square in the rain between bowls of chips and salsa at the Border Cafe and the incredible little Holden Chapel in a dark corner of Harvard’s campus. How many places in America can you host a hardcore show in a 265-year-old building?

“Dudes in sleeveless T-shirts who looked as if they’d been bathing in Taco Bell bathrooms for months rolled amps through the quiet, misty Harvard quad to Holden Chapel, where a stately portrait of a shiny-domed professor looked down on a mess of kids flailing around to screamo cadre the Saddest Landscape. The crowd took over on choruses, stealing the mic from the singer as he scrambled around on the ground trying to re-duct-tape the cable back into his guitar. It was Night Two of WHRB’s Record Hospital Fest.”

Link to full article at The Boston Phoenix here.