Megapolis in the Boston Phoenix, 4.22.09

Posted on April 23, 2009


This weekend, Boston will host the first annual “Megapolis” Festival [I swear, it’s not “Megalopolis”], a completely hairbrained celebration of pretty much everything that is cool about audio and audio recording. Here’s hoping the thing is an enormous success.

“When NPR first started, in the early ’70s, they had no idea what the sound would be,” says Van der Kolk. “All Things Considered gave the whole show over once to this artist Max Neuhaus, and he just went crazy. He would create all these weird sounds from callers through different feedback systems, and they’d be like, ‘Hey I’m on NPR! Ahhhh!’ I can’t imagine public radio doing that now.”

“That’s what this is about,” says Grotelueschen. “Assembling a whole bunch of people who have really fantastic approaches and really think about the craft of what they do, who have ideas that just can’t be pitched to anyone in radio.”

Link to entire article at the Boston Phoenix here.