Futurism at 100 in the Boston Phoenix, 4.22.09

Posted on April 23, 2009


100 years since Marinetti took that initial spill into the greasy ditch of progress, Harvard rounds up some of the world’s preeminent thinkers to spend the day discussing the movement. A contingent of insider guerilla musicians crashes the party.

“The day was winding up with a panel discussion when a gaggle of younger participants crept into the room led by Professor Damon Krukowski — you know him from Galaxie 500 and the silky pop duo Damon and Naomi. Krukowski read text for a performance piece called “Sound Pool” while his students, incognito in dress-up clothes, slowly unraveled the presentation with handfuls of noisy objects. One girl dragged a spoon across a dishwasher rack, another dropped beads into a cookie jar, squeaky dog toys yelped, and a guy roamed the aisles with a mini-guitar amp and Nintendo DS making squelchy sounds from a synth program. Some lecturers made small talk; some crumpled up cans of Diet Coke and banged them on the desk. The symposium was officially shut down for the day.”

Link to article at the Boston Phoenix