Celebration (and life after CDs) in the Phoenix, 5.5.09

Posted on May 15, 2009


I had the pleasure recently of speaking to Katrina Ford, from Celebration, about their fearless journey headlong into the world of utterly free music. Like — go to their website and take it. Leave a donation if you want. Are they making benjamins? I doubt it, but this is inspiring nonetheless. I’m glad artists like this are finally throwing their hat in the ring.

“When you listen to 2007’s The Modern Tribe, it’s hard to imagine anyone in the band who’s not floating around on translucent wings, so it’s easy to see why they longed to escape the banality of the biz. Rather than court a similar experience from another label this year, Celebration (Ford with husband Sean Antanaitis and David Bergander and a varied supporting cast) are chucking the whole sales model. “We’re done with it,” says Ford. “No more piles of CDs in the landfills, no more press circuits with journalists asking us what instruments we play and where we got our name from. Let’s just give it away.”

Full story at the Phoenix here.