Tristan da Cunha feature (Boston Phoenix, 6.23.09)

Posted on July 14, 2009


Best guys ever in one of the strangest bands you’ll ever meet with more chops than a year’s worth of Craigslist ads.

The music seems show-offy. They dress as if they’d just come from choir rehearsal. The songs are hard to process and harder to retain (not to mention describe). Is the problem that they’ve made their music difficult to understand?

“Absolutely,” says Budney. “I want it to be like something carved into a mountain thousands of years ago that you have to decipher. People say, ‘This song took us five minutes to write!’ Okay, fine. This song took us three years to write. It might take you three years to understand. If you don’t want to take the time, get the hell out of our way.”

Which is to say he’s not exactly worried about the haters. Kim sees it a bit differently: “I thought we were writing pop songs. We said, ‘Let’s write a vocal line that’s memorable.’ I think they are.”

Link to entire article at the Boston Phoenix here.