The New Germs Guy — “It’s down to about one hater per night.” (Herald, 7.1.09)

Posted on July 17, 2009


Talked to Shane West, the much derided replacement for Darby Crash in the Germs throughout their recent resurgence as a reunion-style punk throwback band. Really, who could feasibly replace Crash? I don’t know. Theoretically, the whole thing seems to go against the entire concept of the band, but here we are anyway. At this point, this guy below has technically been in the band longer than Crash ever was:

From the interview:

“On our first tour, 80 percent of the crowd every night was negative about me filling in,” West said. “Now it’s down to about one hater per night.”

They did one show three years ago with fellow reunited punk grandpas the Dead Kennedys (also touring with a new singer after a falling out with founder Jello Biafra).

“I was really comfortable at that show,” West said. “The hatred everyone had toward them and their new singer was a lot more than what they had toward me. I loved it.”

Link to full article at the Herald here.