One Night Band (Boston Phoenix, 8.26.09)

Posted on September 10, 2009


This one more or less speaks for itself — local blog collective Boston Band Crush (spawned, yes, from a former art director coworker of mine certain free monthly musician’s trade magazine) organized its first ever “One Night Band” a big band lottery experiment along the lines of those thrown in Denton, Seattle, and Cleveland (whose organizer, Jae Kristof, trumped all the others in sheer ambition — he even had trading cards made up for everyone involved…).

I was out of town getting married the day this happened, but I’m sure it was a glorious mess.

“All we’re expecting is fun and chaos,” says Crush founder Ashley Willard, a print and Web designer by day. “To me, it’s like music summer camp.” I catch the organizers — along with Willard, Crush is run by Michael Epstein and Sophia Cacciola — as they’re on their way to a promo spot at WZLX in Brighton. Here’s their explanation of the rules. This Saturday at 10 am, the 40 participants and the organizers will meet up and dole out band assignments in a drawing. The participants will then lock themselves into practice spaces and basements in a kind of Breakfast Club–detention vision quest to hurry through introductions, backstories, and creative differences in time to pop out a set of three new songs and one cover before the 7 pm load-in. No tryouts, no demo tapes, no flyers at the record shop looking for chops and pro gear. Easy.

Link to entire article at the Phoenix here.