Review: Thick Shakes “Why Buy the Cow?” (Boston Globe, 1.28.11)

Posted on April 18, 2011


This gem is up for grabs online, but the actual records don’t hit the street for another month. That might be a good thing — the longer this muck has to ferment on vinyl, the better. The nastiest fuzz to creep out from a practice space in years made its way onto these three tracks from Thick Shakes, Boston-resident garage rock preservationists. Like remains from a midnight drag strip wreck, these organ-pounding rave-ups are torched beyond recognition with blown-out tape distortion and AM-radio sizzle. Triumphantly, the tunes bust through the wall of noise all the stronger for it. “Go Back to New York’’ is a firestorm of a kiss-off, all acid-drenched Farfisa with a little Cab Calloway mojo to boot. And that’s the calm, collected one of the bunch. “Neighbor’s Goods’’ and “Banned From the Laundromat’’ kick things way past the red with frenzied, terrifying tempos and a twisted rockabilly one-two that could make a Cramps record sound like Muzak. Tag team vocalists Tim Scholl and Lindsay Crudele keep it cool throughout, barely raising their voices above the din. “Neighbor’s Goods’’ in particular takes any nostalgia you might have for Nancy Sinatra’s jukebox sass and drenches it in copious amounts of caffeine. Forget walkin’, Thick Shakes’ boots are made for kick-starting Harleys.

Originally published in the Boston Globe here.