Record review: High Aura’d ‘Sanguine Futures’ (Boston Globe, 7.05.12)

Posted on February 10, 2013



This debut 12-inch from Boston solo project High Aura’d marks a big step forward for drone-scaper and ambient sculptor John Kolodij, who has to this point released a series of small-run CDRs and cassettes. Kolodij, who also books noise and electronic shows under the “Spectral Rehab” banner, conjures up a ghost town’s worth of chilly breezes and phantasm moans on this work. It’s a continuous and meditative assemblage. Tracks patiently run their course and then slowly fade into other tracks against a backdrop of grinding concrete, industrial giant steps, and screams frozen in time. Kolodij isn’t all horror film ambience, though — the best moments are saved for a few dense rushes of hymnal melodies that sweep in under the radar, particularly in the elegiac “La Chasse-Galerie” and the Omar Mashaal-scribed “River Runs Like Jewels.” Kolodij attends to the worlds of both apocalyptic field recordings and swarms of looping harmony with equal grace, though the crumbling sheets of low-tide noise that govern the slow crawl of tracks like “Mercy Brown” could prove an endurance test for antsy listeners.


Originally appeared in Boston Globe here.