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Perfecting the Sustainable Guitar (MMR, 8.2.13)

August 31, 2016


The guitar market is notoriously old school in its preferences. Generations of musicians have strummed their way through songbooks and garage rehearsals using a relatively tiny variety of instruments from Western, Classical, and Dreadnought acoustics to Les Pauls, Stratocasters, Telecasters, and SG electrics. For every new outlier – a skeletal Steinberger here or a fiberglass-backed […]

Lightning Bolt Profile (Boston Globe, 9.06.12)

February 10, 2013


Lightning Bolt’s noise rock stands test of time Brian Chippendale (left) and Brian Gibson of Lightning Bolt. Ten years ago, a hundred or so kids packed into a room at the old Berwick building in Dudley Square to see the monolithic Providence-based duo Lightning Bolt. A slew of grating noise-rock, improv, and performance art opened […]

New, More Bloggish Blog Starting Up

September 18, 2009


I’m moving the up-to-date blogginess of this site over to my new site, Pure Denizen. Please visit it often. This domain is going to be turned into more of an archive of published clips, as was sort of the original intent.